The Law Office of Melanie Mills has many different areas of practice ranging from litigation to transactional business matters.

Foreclosure Litigation

  • The Law Office of Melanie Mills strongly believes that people facing financial hardship should be just as able to secure top quality legal representation as the banks and corporations they are battling. Our firm is devoted to the use of careful and innovative practice techniques to defend your rights and assets.
  • Many homeowners facing foreclosure attempt to negotiate with the Bank on their own, only to find an uneven playing field where the Bank typically refuses to approach the bargaining table, or purposely fail to follow through with agreements. Our firm takes your foreclosure matter seriously, as The Law Offices of Melanie Mills has been defending homeowners for over 10 years.
  • Our firm is regularly involved in lawsuits against national lenders and services including, Bank of America (and BAC/Countrywide), Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Citi, US Bank, HSBC, Ocwen and many more.
  • While The Law Office of Melanie Mills does not currently practice bankruptcy law, we have excellent attorneys to refer you to if in fact you determine that bankruptcy is your best option to avoid a sheriff sale of your house.
  • Has a foreclosure been filed? Are you afraid that you are at risk of being foreclosed on?


  • The Law Offices of Melanie Mills has been practicing family law for over 14 years.
  • Family law includes many different areas of law including, divorce, dissolution, custody, and pre-nuptial agreements.
  • Divorce is an exhausting and stressful process. Understanding your rights and legal procedure are often the last things on the mind of a person in the midst of a divorce. With Melanie’s expertise as a litigator and negotiator, combined with a strong, and efficient support staff, many of your concerns can easily be put to rest. The Law Office of Melanie Mills knows that every divorce is unique, and requires personal, intense attention. You can be certain that the resolution of your divorce is a top priority of the Firm.


  • The Firm serves many business clients, including start-ups, emerging and long standing ,privately held corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Whether you are in need of help with a business transaction, or you are facing civil litigation, The Law Offices of Melanie Mills is here for all of your companies legal issues.
  • Your business is your top priority, let us make it ours, so that you may use our resources, including accountants, tax lawyers, workers compensation, and other professions that you may need.

Criminal Defense

  • Finding yourself charged with a crime or subject to a criminal investigation can be both a frightening and confusing process with serious consequences such as incarceration, fines, probation and a permanent criminal record. Having an experienced and committed attorney can make all the difference in the process and outcome. The Law Offices of Melanie Mills has represented many clients facing both felony and misdemeanor charges including assault, fraud, theft, drug abuse and possession. Our firm will always keep you informed of your rights and the options available while tirelessly defending you.
  • When you are charged with a crime you don’t stop thinking about it. At the Law Offices of Melanie Mills, neither do we.


  • Drunk or impaired driving charges carry serious consequences such as jail time, license suspension, probation, costly fines, insurance rate increases, and points on your driving record. The impact of a DUI or OVI can be even greater when you consider the effect that losing driving privileges will have on your both your personal and work life. The Law Offices of Melanie Mills can act swiftly to preserve your rights. Our firm will analyze your case to make sure the police officers administered any field sobriety tests or breathalyzers in a lawful manner. No matter the circumstances, you can be assured that the Law Office of Melanie Mills will provide aggressive, extraordinary representation. The Law Offices of Melanie Mills has an extremely high batting average on OVI representation.

Oil & Gas law

  • The Law Offices of Melanie Mills has represented one of the largest oil companies in the State of Ohio, handling all of their litigation needs.
  • Senior Counsel, Melanie Mills has a B.S. in Geology, which adds to her litigation expertise in this area.
  • Ohio oil and gas fields are currently under enormous expansion, and the Firm is familiar with handling complicated matters regarding oil and gas leases on your property. If an oil and/or gas company has contacted you and offered you a mineral rights lease, you can feel confident that the Firm will explain your rights to you, so you may make an informed decision regarding the mineral rights on your land.

Estate Planning

  • The Firm handles the creation of trust for real property and other assets, to protect your property from the reach of creditors.
  • In these uncertain times, you can be comfortable that you investments are protected with proper estate planning.
  • the Law Offices of Melanie Mills believes there is no such thing as a standard form will that suits the needs of every client.

Real Estate

  • The Firm handles both transactional matters, such as the closing on your house, or the purchase of commercial property.
  • Additionally, the firm has experience in real estate litigation, and will serve your needs if you find yourself in a contract dispute over property.
  • As a real estate agent, Melanie Mills has held her real estate license in Ohio for over eight years, which gives her a unique perspective.

Aviation Law

  • The Firm has handled disputes regarding aircraft ownership, and various other areas of aviation law.
  • Melanie Mills has held her private pilots license for over 28 years, and can easily address your concerns.

General Counsel

  • The Firm is proud to be general counsel for many businesses in the area, handling all of their litigation and transactional needs.
  • Appellate Practice

    • The Firm is experienced in appellate matters, predominately in the civil area.
    • Melanie Mills has argued in various districts in the State of Ohio, and is also licensed in the 9th District, Court of Appeals, located in California, as well as the United States Supreme Court.
    • The Firm is always looking for a constitutional argument to take to the United States Supreme Court, and will make time to listen to your problem to see if it could possibly be a case that would be considered by the highest court of our land.


    • The Firms litigation experience has resulted in embracing the practice of mediation.
    • If your currently involved in a dispute, you can set up mediation at The Firm for a fraction of the cost of litigating the matter.